Hopkins Concrete

Hopkins Concrete FAQs


What is the minimum load that you will deliver?

1 Cubic mtrs – please note any load delivered under 6 cubic mtrs will incur part load charges.

What is the maximum quantity in one load?

11.5 cubic mtrs

Can Hopkins Concrete take credit card payment?

Yes all the major credit cards

Are Hopkins Concrete approved to British Standards?

Yes, we have a BSI Kitemark licence in respect to BS EN 206-1 & BS 8500 Ready Mix Concrete

Can I set up a credit account with Hopkins Concrete?

Yes, contact us for an application form

What areas will you deliver to?

Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, and some parts of Hampshire & Devon

Can I collect my order from Hopkins Concrete?


What are the benefits of fibre reinforced concrete?

Fibre reinforcing will reduce the potential for cracking and improve the impact and abrasion resistance of your concrete slab. For more information on the benefits of fibre reinforced concrete, please contact our sales team.

How big are your delivery vehicles?

The six wheeler truck mixer: Width: 10.17 feet
Length: 8.2m
Height: 12 feet
Weight: 26 Tonnes Gross (26,000kg)

The eight wheeler truck mixer: Width: 10.17feet
Length: 9.76 metres
Height: 12 feet
Weight: 32 Tonnes Gross (32,000kg)